A Neural Restoration Routine for Teams, Groups, and Individuals

  • Give Your Team An Edge

    Organizing your trainee's nervous system will result in instant, lasting, and measurable outcome improvements.

  • Work It Into YOUR Schedule

    We know your time is precious, so we made Signal 6º flexible with a highly adaptable routine that can be tailored to your needs.

  • Lead Your Team With Clarity

    With the easy-to-teach, simple, and targeted Signal 6º routine, you'll be able to instruct your groups with confidence.

Designed For Strength Coaches, By Strength Coaches

Signal 6º has been specifically designed and modified from the DNA of the SQUARE 1™ System™ to help you, as a strength coach and movement professional, produce even better results by using this brain-based intervention.
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Signal 6º Introduction

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A Tool In Your Toolbox

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • Credit Where Credit Is Due

    • A Bit Of History: Impetus Moment

    • A Bit Of History: Experiment And Discovery

    • Brain Maps

    • SQUARE 1

    • The Birth Of Signal 6°

    • Quiz I

  • 2

    Nuts And Bolts

    • What Is The Goal?

    • HMS Components

    • HMS Outcomes

    • Quiz II

    • Optimal Movement Triad

    • Behavior and Organization

    • Quiz III

    • Anatomy

    • Planes And Actions

    • Quiz IV

  • 3

    Signal 6°

    • Motor Control Restoration

    • Comprehensive Isometrics

    • Signal 6° Characteristics

    • Triggering The Nervous System

    • Quiz V

    • Signal 6° demo

  • 4

    Final Words

    • Implementation

    • Final Words

A Neural Approach For Team And Group Settings

  • Easy To Learn

    Signal 6º is a simple and effective program whose power comes from its origin, and simplicity in its implementation.

  • Quick To Utilize

    Simple to execute? You bet! Once you finish the course, you'll have everything you need to integrate this seamlessly into your practice.

  • Lasting Results

    With the foundations of Signal 6º based on the tried-and-tested SQUARE 1 System, many of the outcomes changes that you produce will be “locked-in”


SQUARE 1™ Developer

Shawn Sherman

The SQUARE 1 System™ was developed by Shawn Sherman. Shawn earned his Exercise and Sport Science degree from Penn State University and operates a private practice in Western Springs, Illinois. Over the years, Shawn has held numerous industry certifications and therefore understands what and how the conventionalists think and believe. Over the past 25 years, his understanding of movement has evolved from that of an apprentice level to a level of mastery by continually seeking answers to his questions. Because he now intimately and thoroughly understands the most basic components of movement, he brings an unparalleled perspective to the table. Not only does he consistently deliver absolutely amazing results to his clients, he teaches his students to be able to do the same.